Q weather

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Say goodbye to all the conventional weather forecasts.
Q Weather brings you a brand-new weather experience and multiple funs.
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Amazing Silly Putty Art

You weather forecast will be so lovely vivid with the scenes of the silly putty characters,which is how all kinds of weather conditions wisely show up!

You will experience the unusual
but wonderful thinking of our every idea

In each scene,tides hide there,enjoy the fun with your Apple products through all sorts of artful ways.

At the same time,Q Weather provides professional
and detailed meteorological data

  • The accurate weather forecast
  • Including wind direction and wind speed
  • The 5 days of the weather forecasts
  • Fahrenheit/mile to Celsius/kilometer,
    Celsius/kilometer to Fahrenheit/mile,you
    can easily switch between them
  • You can add more cities to your favorite list